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AfD provides list of names behind 'illegal' campaign finance scandal. German word of the day: More news Tip of the week: How to stand out from the flat-finding crowd in Germany. How well do you know German food culture? The expats who stayed years longer than planned. How you can make the most of Germany's public holidays. Skiing in a small but stylish Bavarian resort. Diesel, deadlines and deposit bottles: Everything that's set to change in Germany in Related articles Yes or no?

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Customer Service Advisor - Norwegian Speaking. Customer Service Advisor - German Speaking. Customer Service Advisor — Danish Speaking. Civilian on Battlefield COB. Electrical Engineer Country Technical Representative. Corporate Communications and PR Coordinator. Property with sea views in the Cilento, Italy.

Gardeners Builder wanted in Schmolln near Altenburg.

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Unknown pleasures 10 — american independent film festival. BUT even before I got married we split things on earning power as that is the fairest. Okay we don't get he calculator out every meal - evey shopping trip but since I earn more I pay more and would invite my then girlfriend moreso. Good example is when we went on holiday I paid the greater share even though my then Girlfriend said no. So in a serious relationshiip the split should be nearer to earning power. So how things develop now are an indication of your future relationship to come She didn't know there was a problem until he told here that he filed for divorce.

The cultural gap problem will in my estimate come into play moreso if you marry someone who is less experienced or exposed to other ways of "thinking" and "doing" or someone who is less relaxed about differences. Men and women are different enough put in the cultural gap as well and then you can potentially have more problems.

However, I would still not allow my partner to excuse disrespectful, boorish, rude, childish behaviour with the refrain - it's my culture I married a German, and though culturally they do the splitting money while dating thing, I put the kabash on that from the start. It is really tacky to an American culturally speaking. So he would pay one time and then I would.

Once we got married however, we became full partners, and what's mine is his and his is mine, which despite cultures, to me is the only way to be. My earning power now equals or can exceed his, but due to OUR CHOICE of living in Germany, and thus having had to work at a job that didn't allow for what would be my full earnings potential in the States, he does pay more. But, as was said, we are a team. It was one of the expectations I had to lower with my own hubby.

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Simply sounds like your guy can be mean and cruel. Cutting one's partner down is hardly a positive thing Surely you can't classify all Germans as the same as my boyfriends likes to pay and when I do I like paying my own way says he feels weird. The humour difference gets on my nerves sometimes as he will giggle non-stop through a film that is really lame, although at least he watches them in English for me. Never underestimate the difference.

I'm prussian, so take what i say with a grain of salt. Thats definetly not culture but personality. Dont take any of his shit. It is not a german cultural thing to put down your woman, quite the contrary. Its plain bad manners and very probably a deep rooted insecurity on his part.


Difficult relationship with his Mother? Well, its not exactly ttypical, depending on just how close together you are. Generally its correct to say that in germany its much more common to split evenly than it is in the US. I even know a number of women who feel they are being bribed or driven into a guilt thing when the guy constantly pays.

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It is quite different, but not in that way. Thats probably the closest to American humor. Then there is very fine sarcasm, only indicated by the tone of voice and choice of deliberatly highbrow words, probably hard to spot for a foreigner. You must be on time. Fashionably late is just late to them and not excusable. Please take this article with at pinch of salt. These tips are only general cultural guidelines for aliens who have just landed and observations and individuals vary widely.

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Find love in one click! May 16, Getting married in Germany. May 16, In Germany, castles are the new discos. May 16, Getting a divorce in Germany.

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